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Karvajalka (Trollfoot)

A semi-dry rosé wine fortified with gooseberries and coloured by strawberries which doesn’t require food for company. Good friends fit perfectly with this wine, and yet sulking is not an option even when drinking alone.

Päivänsäde (Daylight)

A white fruit-wine made from japonica companied with apple-aromas. Despite the fact that this wine is semi-dry, it’ll conjure up some sweet laughs.

Punapaula (Redcap)

A wine the colour of the ripe cranberries from which it is made, slightly tempered with apple. Guaranteed to capture hearts at the very first sip, unless you have an exceptional sweet tooth. A safe choice to cap any meal.

Kartanon Tumma (Manor Dark)

The dark lady of the manor is a semi-dry blackcurrant wine with a trace of bilberry to give her body. She adores meat, but will not object to being enjoyed on her own. Whenever you feel the need to whet your whistle without being bowled off your feet.

Kartanon Punainen (Manor Red)

A crisp blend of black- and redcurrants with an exciting suggestion of aronia (chokeberry). Equally at home with chateaubriand and chicken canapés. Or just as is.