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Mustan Everstin Kosto (The Dark Colonel’s Revenge)

A red berry wine that, despite its name, is far from scary when consumed in moderate quantities. On the contrary, this sweetish, robust, wine made from blackcurrants fortified with bilberries is perfect with desserts, in the company of friends or even a stew or a steak.

Vaalea Kaunotar (Fair Beauty)

A white wine made from apples and japonica. Extremely sociable, keeps its cool, and delights in the company of fish and poultry.

Satumetsän Lumous (The Spell of the Magic Forest)

A fresh wine of rosé type made from strawberries with the inspired addition of redcurrants. A favourite with people who cannot decide between red or white and the ideal complement to light meat dishes.

Linnunmaito (Bird’s Milk)

A full-bodied, sweetish apple wine with a piquant touch of rowanberry. Happiest on its own or with savoury snacks. A generous wine, it loosens tongues and sets the milk of human kindness flowing.